Employee Self Service (ESS)

Attention: This is a private system operated by the Sacramento County Office of Education (SCOE). Valid authorization from SCOE management is required to access this system. Unauthorized access is strictly prohibited.

Employee Self Service is a secure, web-based application, available through the Sacramento County Office of Education, Information Services.  With Employee Self Service, you can review your specific personal and work-related information, such as pay history, leave balances and W2 information.

The goal is to provide you with access to personal and work-related information on file and to ensure that the system has current and accurate information available in Human Resources.

Employee Self Service includes:

·         Personal Information

·         Credential Information

·         W2 Information

·         Paycheck (Earnings and Deductions Statement)

·         Total Compensation Statement

·         Salary Information

·         Leave Balances and History

Click on the “my info” tab to access specific information.

If you have any questions regarding your information, please contact your district Personnel or Payroll offices.

Please contact Alex Szabo at (916) 228-2276, Greg Jenkins at (916) 228-2343, Glenn Hunt at (916) 228-2470, or infosystems@scoe.net for any technical issues.